Marine D3 Contains Calamarine – Powerful Omega-3

Most of us know that Omega-3s are important for the body.  Most of us use fish oil supplements to provide our body with Omega-3 benefits, but Marine D3 has made getting helpful Omega-3s as simple as ever.  Marine D3 accomplishes this through the ingredient of Calamarine.  Let’s go over Calamarine in detail to show why this Omega-3 provider is top notch.

What Is Calamarine?

Calamarine is unlike any other fish oil that you may have taken in the past because it isn’t fish oil at all.  Calamarine is extracted from a deep sea squid that can be found in the beautiful and clean waters on the South American coast.  This extract is what scientists and nutrition experts deem as a purified Omega-3 oil.

Calamarine is very unique in the fact that is harnesses the critical Omega-3 components EPA and DHA. While both of these Omega-3 components are found in other fish oils, Calamarine provides up to 85% more DHA than traditional fish oil.  New research shows that when it comes to Omega-3 benefits, DHA far outweighs EPA when it comes to providing health to the body.

The Power Of Calamarine in Marine D3

Did you know that Omega-3 deficiency is the 6th leading cause of death?  In fact, 99% of Americans don’t get enough Omega-3s, which are essential fuel for your cells to function properly and to stay healthy. Calamarine helps to solve this problem as it packs a powerful punch of DHA Omega-3s.  DHA is proven to benefit the body in the following ways:

  • Lowers blood pressure and increases circulation
  • Good for the heart
  • Feeds your brain, boosts mental function, and helps reduce memory loss
  • Protects the eyes which helps to preserve vision
  • And much more!

Did you know that Fish don’t even produce Omega-3 DHA?  That’s right, they get a small amount from what they eat, which is why there is much more EPA contained in fish oil.  Marine D3 provides a perfect 2:1 ratio of DHA:EPA, which is the same level found in healthy people that consume high amounts of seafood. These people typically have much healthier hearts and undeniably lower death rates from cardiovascular diseases.  Many experts and scientists attribute these things to high Omega-3 DHA intake.

The other thing that is wrong with traditional fish oils is that they are subjected to light and oxygen, which causes these products to go rancid quickly.  Marine D3 solves this problem as it goes through a proprietary detoxification process which removes any substances which could increase oxidation.  Calamarine is proven to be as much as twice as stable as traditional Omega-3′s from tuna.

MarineD3 Marine D3 Contains Calamarine   Powerful Omega 3Marine D3 Helps You To Stay Healthy With Calamarine

The heart is an essential and vital organ in the human body.  When this organ becomes unhealthy, it can greatly increase the risk of disease and death. Unhealthy hearts start with clogged arteries full of LDL.  The Omega rich Marine D3 has been clinically shown to prevent cholesterol oxidation in the first place, which reduces clogged arteries. When Calamarine is combined with Seanol-P, it can drastically lower your LDL cholesterol levels by 29.4 points in as short as 8 weeks!

Not all cholesterol is bad for you, such as HDL.  This helpful cholesterol helps to remove harmful LDL cholesterol.  Those that take Marine D3 showed a 10% improvement in a clinical trial in their good HDL cholesterol.


By harnessing the power of Calamarine, Marine D3 can help to provide you with the necessary Omega-3s that your body desperately needs to remain healthy.  Not only can it help your body to stay healthy, but it can give your heart extended life by keeping your arteries clean and your good HDL cholesterol up.

Marine D3 is a fantastic choice for those looking to get essential Omega-3s in a simple and effective way.

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