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Marine D3 Contains Calamarine – Powerful Omega-3

Most of us know that Omega-3s are important for the body.  Most of us use fish oil supplements to provide our body with Omega-3 benefits, but Marine D3 has made getting helpful Omega-3s as simple as ever.  Marine D3 accomplishes this through the ingredient of Calamarine.  Let’s go over Calamarine in detail to show why […]


Marine D3 Anti-Aging Extract: Seanol-P

It’s no secret that Marine D3 uses the anti-aging extract named Seanol-P.  This ingredient is unique and is the main powerhouse component of Marine D3 Formulation.  Let’s dive deeper into exactly what Seanol-P is and how it works as an anti-aging natural supplement.   What is Seanol-P? Seanol-P is extracted from the Ecklonia Cava seaweed […]


Marine D3 – Vitamin D Benefits

Recently, science shows us that Vitamin D is continuing to emerge as one of the best anti-aging natural supplements.  Vitamin D plays a huge role in the way our body handles the contraction and elimination of disease amongst other things.  Let’s get into the nitty gritty surrounding how Vitamin D truly can help the body […]